Project Description

E-Commerce Product Highlight Videos

Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles’ online store sells figurines for home decor, gift-giving and collectors. They wanted a small group of videos which would showcase certain figurines and certain groups of figurines.

The sample above promotes their newly acquired series of Heartwood Creek figurines based on the movie Nightmare Before Christmas.

This particular video is considered a “light” project since there is very limited animation work. Most of the moving imagery you still is comprised of stock video clips which we have access to. We used our graphic design talents to create the wording on the left and then simply edited the stock photos the client provided which originally came from the manufacturer.

Flossie’s was able to embed this video on her web store which added a dash of class and professionalism which made her e-commerce site seem all the more serious and dependable from the point of view of potential customers.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and easily embedded on their site from there.

A huge bonus: the video was also available to YouTube viewers everywhere and acted as promotion drawing new visitors to the Flossie’s web store.

Side note: If you’d like to employ the same method of embedding, but for any reason do not want the video viewable from YouTube directly, that’s completely possible. You can simply mark the video as “Private”. From there it will not be visible on the YouTube site, but will still allow you to add the video to your site.

More Examples

Below are the rest of the videos in the series which we made for Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles.

The next sample above is very similar to the first. It shows off their collection of figurines comprised of Halloween witches and cats.

Again, it does double the work since this clip is available on the Flossie’s web store and on YouTube itself.

This third video does all of the same things as the first two but with two important differences.

This one focuses solely on one figurine in particular, a Halloween Tinker Bell witch.

Flossie’s had bet on this item’s popularity and arranged to have higher than usual stock on it. By allowing this video to focus on this figurine, the viewers spend more time imagining how nice it would look on their mantle.

The other difference is that of tone. Since Tinker Bell here is a little sweeter than the creepy characters from the first two videos, we selected different music which was more appropriate for the subject.

The end result wound up creating something dreamy and magical which appealed greatly to Flossie’s feminine dominant clientele. This clip also implies to potential new customers that a whole world of other similar treasures awaited them at Flossie’s Gifts & Collectibles.

Note: the video clip of the figurine in motion was provided by the manufacturer. You could provide us your own video. This approach also works well with photos alone (as seen in the first two videos.)

This one Demonstrates how a product works

The next example in Flossie’s video campaign again focuses on a single product. But it’s a product that benefits from a little demonstration on how it works. In this case, unlatching and opening a hinged lid allows a spring powered Mickey Mouse ghost to emerge.

You can get more interest from potential customers if you demonstrate how a product works in this way.